About Charlotte Ann

With the overwhelming increase in preventable diseases seen in the hospital systems, Charllotte-Ann, a Registered Nurse and Kinesiology Practitioner, has chosen to manage better health by prevention through natural therapies; in particular Kinesiology which is a system for managing physical and emotional stresses which cause ill health.

With the release of the stress the client is able to function in a more efficient and comfortable capacity. The stressors can be short or long term.

Charllotte-Ann has a background in the health industry as a highly experienced Registered Nurse with knowledge and skills ranging from and including pregnancy (pre and post natal) medical conditions, medications, surgical procedures, and the stress placed in and on the body by these conditions and procedures. Charllotte-Ann has been in the workplace and understands the pressures, stresses and conflicts in the workplace.

Charllotte-Ann also has a background in Accounting and Marketing.