Balance Plan

Kinesiology Balance Plan

Kinesiology is a very powerful natural complementary therapy. Kinesiology is not a quick fix and takes time for your body to readjust to the balances, taking time to create the positive long term changes for your presenting symptoms or situations.

It is recommended that a Stress Kinesiology Balance Plan be implemented. This allows the client the opportunity to experience the positive changes they are seeking.

It is recommended that a minimum of four (4) in most cases.

Session 1

The Initial Consultation with the reason and the physical and emotional symptom causing discomfort or stress for seeing a Kinesiologist will be discussed. The client will then be given a kinesiology balance to initiate the treatment or balances.

Session 2

This is the follow up Kinesiology Balance which will be indicated at the first balance, however it is approximately two weeks later. This gives the client’s body time to readjust to the new energy.

Session 3

This again will be dictated by the Kinesiology Balance and how long it will take for the body to adjust to the balance, two to four weeks

Session 4

Generally two to four weeks as indicated by clients body or a month later with a Kinesiology Balance

After that……

Once the initial Kinesiology Balances have been completed it is recommended that the client have one or two balances a year to maintain the energy.

  • Be aware that this is a guide only as your body dictates its needs for a healthier you.
  • For acute conditions the balances will be spaced much closer together.

Following the initial Kinesiology Balance Plan, the client, in most cases will experience major changes with the presenting issues taking them on their journey to optimal good physical and emotional health.

In some cases the change is immediate which will require a period of time to readjust to the new you.